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Since release of it, COC dominated App store, with really quick climbing the ranks and taking No.1 place in highest- grossing app ever. In 2013, Supercell earner 892 million of US dollars from this app. After making Clash of Clans hack available on Android devices , profit almost doubled which is just amazing. Game play of this game is all around fortifying base and defending it from other players and their clans. Gameplay is so addicting which made Clash of Clans one of the most played games ever made. Mostly because logging off means leaving your village open for other players to raid it and steal everything you have.

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That’s why this game requires players to play it whenever they can. Top players on COC server are playing this game at least 12 hours without brake! Clash of Clans is free to download and use app, but if you want to upgrade your village and move along more quickly than usually you will have to pay for features with real money. This model of game is called “freemium”, because everyone can download and use this app, but you will be tempted to play with real money for virtual in-game currency called gems, to get ahead with this addictive game. Best way to progress in ranking and to earn resources is to do raids and win almost every raid. This will boost your ranking significantly and you will be able to progress even more. If you win battle in raid you will get at least few trophies which will affect on your rankings, but if you lose raid fight you will lose one part of resources, troops and trophies which is really important to mention. If you are underdog in raid battle you will earn more resources and trophies than usually.

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But if you are new players, you should concentrate on developing your village and making decent army which will help you to defend from raids. Best thing to do is to join a clan which will accept you and help you with developing and protecting your brand new village. Ranking up and developing village is possible without buying Gems with real money , but it is a long and painful process. That’s why every player should invest in his village with real money. That’s how you will be able to go ahead and be able to win in raids.

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