Overview of development of Facebook from the beginning

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The history of Facebook back from 2004

In today’s post we will talk about one thing that made modern world more interesting and more connected. Today we will talk about social networks. Social networks are big websites made for people to talk with other users of social networks. There is big number of social networks, but most important are networks like: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Programa para hackear Facebook social network is the biggest and the most popular social network with over 2.3 billion users from all parts of the world, which is pretty impressive right?

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Facebook is made in February 2004 year. Creator of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg who created this great website in Harvard dorm room while he was a student. He made this website only for collage proposes, but due to great idea Facebook got world wide popularity. Facebook has over eight thousand employers which are working hard to maintain security and stability of this website. To use this great social network you will have to register and create new user profile which is very easy and everyone can do that without any major difficulties. Everyone should at least try to use Facebook since this is great place to meet new people, add friends and exchange text massages with them which is really fun and exciting. Also Facebook is place where people can earn money and have fun while playing great games. Great thing about Facebook is possibility to join various pages and groups, post status updates and photos, also possibility to share video clips and all this content can be liked by your friends.

Facebook’s user base is rising!

Due to big amounts of users, Facebook security isn’t that great so profiles of users aren’t fully safe. But here we will help you to increase security on Facebook and to use it without any fear. There are few crucial steps that has to be done in order to secure your profile. First of all never use some plain and simple password for your Facebook account. Instead of using simple password try some unique combinations of letters and numbers. That will increase security of your profile for more than 40 percent. Using Windows firewall is crucial step and every user of Facebook social network should turn on his Window firewall. Installing some antivirus program will secure not only your Facebook profile, but your whole computer which is great right? We hope that you liked this short post about Facebook social network!

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